Once I asked the Montessori educator and teacher trainer, Mother Elisabeth Caspari—a dear friend of mind before she passed on at the age of 102—to share her thoughts with me about education in the (then up and coming) Aquarian Age. With bright eyes and a beaming countenance radiate with joy,

 she emphatically answered— A little child shall lead them!  Maria Montessori, under whom Caspari had studied directly in India, taught that within the child lies the fate of the future. Now that the Sun is transiting through Virgo, sign of the Teacher, the question of the education of our children and youth ought to concern us all. Do you ever ask yourself what love is meant to be like in the Aquarian Age of Love and Freedom? Observe, love and be willing to make sacrifices (Leo) for the children: regardless of political or religious affiliations, in truly observing the child, we discover love in all its aspects!

As you know, teachers, parents and educators are greatly challenged under the current Covid-19 lockdowns and protocols. How can they nourish and provide children entrusted to their care with an education that will—as Montessori worked tirelessly to accomplish (a Virgo virtue!)—awaken the child’s inner teacher, providing him or her with the foundation and tools necessary to bring forth each child’s unique destiny and calling? What the children are learning in school, online as well as the learning environment and the very structure of the learning process itself, are all of vital importance.

Both Maria Montessori and Elisabeth Caspari were born with the Sun in Virgo—Montessori was born August 31st, 1870 in Chiaravalle, Italy and Elisabeth Caspari, September 5th, 1899 in Chateau D’Oex in French-speaking Switzerland. The composite (relationship) chart between Maria Montessori and Elisabeth Caspari, is powerfully activated now, and throughout 2020. Indeed, even into the beginning weeks of 2021. I find the current activation of these two visionaries and pioneers joint chart highly significant and promising.

Transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn continue to restructure our world and daily lives even as they expose that which cannot be part of the Aquarian Age, causing all to reevaluate our individual and collective choices. This rare and powerful astro combination activates the Uranus/Neptune trine in the composite chart of these two pioneer educators. I see this transit as an augur of tremendous opportunity, creative solutions and dramatic breakthroughs. In the Astrologer’s Handbook, Astrologers Sakoian and Acker describe the Uranus/Neptune trine: “It’s destiny is to raise the overall level of civilization’s spiritual realization to a higher level.”

Moreover, transiting Mars (action through desire) continues its long transit in fiery Aries (new beginnings), until January 6th, adding enthusiasm, impetus and energy, while activating the composite Venus in Leo (Love of the Child)/Saturn (order) trine forming a temporary Grand Fire Trine—a great impetus to action for bringing forth the next phase in true Aquarian education.

So, let us be up and doing, together coming up with creative practical solutions that nourish the children, guide and support the youth, help families and bring together communities. May much good may come forth from this challenging time!


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