Astro-Lunar Tip Series Virgo Moons are emotionally tough to weather, they tend to stir up a lot of karma, play upon the nerves and agitate the solar plexus. Diet makes a huge difference; with Venus and so many planets in mutable signs right now, avoid getting too yin!  The Moon

Cosmic Accountability in Virgo

Now that the Sun has entered Virgo, a certain cosmic accountability takes place. Meanwhile, transiting Saturn finishing its transit in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn in the USA Conceptual Chart in the 2nd house, yes, of income, but also of values. The USA’s progressed Moon and Mars conjoin at 18

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The United States celebrates Labor Day today and tomorrow. Checking out the new Fall Line in Macy’s I was shocked; not one item was made in the USA! Why? Merchants go where people will work for a $1 a day. Merchants with better quality produts at home cannot compete with

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Thinking of short term benefits without considering long term losses and/or thinking of short term losses while not seeing long term benefits is at the core of many economic fallacies. Aquarius is the Age of the Mother and the Mother shows us HOW to do this and HOW to do

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Virgo Astro-Tip: know what you are eating!

On what issue do Democrats and Republicans almost equally agree? According to the online news service The Guardian, 89% of Republicans and 90% of Democrats agree that GMOs, genetically modified food, need to be clearly labeled, as they already are in 40 nations; in Brazil, in Europe and even in

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