Astro-Tip: Balance in Libra

Astro-Tip in Libra: Balance! The Sun is in Libra. Think balance. The scales. A time when the days and nights are of equal length. Venus ruled, a cycle to express elegance. Balance brings harmony, imbalance shades of chaos. The only sign without an animal or man for its symbol and

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Libra Astro-Tip: Are we compatible?

Some relationships are smoother sailing than others. Sometimes, an otherwise harmonious match, gets stuck in the boxing ring, of ego and unresolved karma, shown astrologically, usually by tight squares, conjunctitons or oppostions, and cannot get out. Is it worth serving a mutual love by removing the obstacles that oppose it?

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Librans on Love

Libra is the point of balance, 180 degrees on a blank astrological wheel. We begin with Aries at 0 degrees, the question arises, “Who am I?” Our answer determines who we attract in Libra, the opposite point. Both Aries and Libra test our mastery of the heart chakra. Are we

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