Kathie’s Bio

Kathie GarciaKathie Garcia is a professional Transformational Astrologer. She founded The Three Magi Complete Astrological Services in 1989 as a response to the need for a new approach to Astrology, congruent with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Kathie holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Tulane University. As part of her undergraduate work, she studied at University College and London School of Economics. Her minor was in Philosophy. Kathie’s background in Anthropology is evident in her ability to interpret the Astrological Chart for people from many different cultures and lifestyles. After college, Kathie spent 7 years living in Mexico. She speaks fluent Spanish and has a special regard for Hispanic peoples and cultures. Back in the States, Kathie married, had three children, and became a certified Montessori teacher. In addition to her 8 years of experience in the Montessori classroom, Kathie has taught newborns through adults.

In 1991, Kathie wrote Child*Star, a software program designed to help parents better guide and understand their child. Child*Star was the first report on the market of its kind. In 1998, with the help of her teenage son and daughter, Kathie later wrote the Astro Journey Report, the first forecast report written specifically for teenagers and young adults and the only report with a special section to help parents support their children in these important years. Astro Journey was updated in 2005. Kathie then translated Child*Star into Spanish.

Kathie’s has published articles in many places, notably Atlantis Rising magazine, the Montana Pioneer and the New Health and Directory, both monthly publications. Her articles have been shared and cited by many groups of people throughout the world. Kathie spent one year as Astrological Advisor for Matrix Software She served as a faculty member at the American Federation of Astrologers Conference in Orlando, Florida in 1998. She has been on a score of radio programs and has given Astrology workshops throughout the United States and in Mexico. Thanks to advances in global communications, Kathie now conducts astrological consultations from her home in Montana to people worldwide!

Kathie’s Philosophy

Astrology for me is Sacred Science. Against the background of the Soul’s participation in the evolution of a Cosmos, two basic concepts interplay in Astrological interpretation; one is fate or karma, and the other is destiny or dharma. Dharma is also called the sacred labor or the divine plan, the notion that each soul comes into embodiment to balance karma and to fulfill his or her unique contribution to Life. While some cultures still to this day embrace the belief that what is fated cannot be turned back, The Three Magi has always upheld that Astrology is a form of prophecy and that prophecy is not set in stone. Until a person ties into the inherent power just waiting to be accessed in the greatest gift of Love given man by the Creator, that of Free Will, he likely will be a prisoner of his of his own karma and/or that of his generation, for better or for worse.

In an Astrological Consultation, I endeavor to describe what was, what is, and what could be happening in your life. The rest is up to you. Choice is the empowering and decisive factor. Know that Cosmos is not capricious; the moment of your birth, the influences at hand, provide you with the greatest opportunity for personal transformation in this life! Some cycles test our mettle, while others challenge us to work while we have the Light! Our destiny is caught up to a great extent in the collective consciousness of the times, the chapter in History, into which we are born. At times we may feel overwhelmed and yet we have a part to play. The intermeshing of cycles of shorter and longer duration and of greater and lesser significance is at once complex and very simple. In the ultimate analysis, I believe we never get a test that we are not capable of passing, and with honors! Sometimes the effort may weigh more than the result!

We are still experiencing the beginnings of a new Astrological 2000 year Era, the Age of Aquarius. Astrological eras have their own dharma to outpicture on the screen of a Cosmos; Aquarius’ destiny is to be known as the Age of Freedom, of Love and of Brotherhood.

We must become men and women of Aquarius. Astrology must itself be transformed to meet the needs of the New Age, to rightly decode symbols, to guide and assist the Seeker of Truth experiencing love’s transformation.

Mundane questions such as when to buy a new car, the timing and wisdom of moving residence or changing one’s employment have their place in Astrological interpretation and rightly so. We live in time and space! Moreover, Astrology is invaluable in sorting out relationship dynamics, and in understanding psychological make-up at many levels; often repetitive patterns, their causes and solutions can be easily identified and potentially changed, opportunities can be maximized and grasped on time!

The Three Magi were Astrologer Kings from the East. Mystics, they studied and contemplated the movement of the Cosmos, the promise and prophecy whose prediction they read. They needed good camels and provisions to make their trek across the desert successfully on time.

They traveled to a faraway land to follow a Star whose appearance coincided with Cosmic Cycles, the birth of one who’s Presence and Teaching would change the world for centuries to come. In Aquarius, the One Star shines in the many, a long waited celestial symphony of Love at last having her Victory on Earth. Each bore a gift, keys to the soul. What are the questions upon your heart? The Three Magi seeks to help you with your practical concerns, with navigating in a tumultuous global time, and for those who ask, the chart reveals secrets, when rightly interpreted, open up timely keys written upon the map of the adventure of your life.