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Monday, March 9th: Two important astro-events are taking place now—the Virgo SuperMoon (also called Worm Moon, Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon and Lenten Moon) and Mercury in Aquarius going retrograde/stationary and direct, that is, Mercury apparently slowing down (stationary) and moving out of the retrograde phase (began February 17th)

Astro-Tip Mayan Prophecy Series: 2013

Mundane Astrologer Richard Nolle put it so succinctly: “The most important thing about the year (2012) is that there’s another one coming up right behind it.” and “The world doesn’t end in our time. Instead, we have empires ending, civilization shifting, the death of one economic system being the birth

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Is your significant other a Leo man or are you a Leo man in love?  Fun! Romance abounds! The Leo man just might be the one to keep alive the almost lost art of being a gentleman! But he can only be chivalrous with a lovely lady that allows him

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Astro-Tip: Resolution, the best option!

Even as I write, the transiting Moon in alignment with Venus in Cancer is moving into an exact relationship to the summer’s defining “anything can happen” Uranus/Pluto square making this power keg into a T-square which creates greater tension but arguably more stability. Cancer challenges us to practice harmony lest

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Astro-Tip: Balance in Libra

Astro-Tip in Libra: Balance! The Sun is in Libra. Think balance. The scales. A time when the days and nights are of equal length. Venus ruled, a cycle to express elegance. Balance brings harmony, imbalance shades of chaos. The only sign without an animal or man for its symbol and

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