Mercury rules communication, connections, schedules and transportation.More than ever before, the globalized world runs on connections and the instantaneous sharing of vital information. But when Mercury goes retrograde, things go so awry, that even people knowing little of astrology will casually comment to explain messed up schedules, missing luggage, lost

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Mercury Stationary/Direct in Leo

On August 8th Mercury in Leo leaves its 3 week long retrograde motion , completes its stationary phase and then goes direct. All in life, even thought itself, is governed by cyclic motion! To know the phase of the cycle beforehand can be a great advantage, to be caught off

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How to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde

Of all astrological transits, Mercury retrograde may get the most buzz. So many connections and communications go awry, that Mercury retrograde commonly is voiced as the reason why so-and-so is late, luggage is lost, phones go dead, appointments are cancelled or simply ignored. It’s not all hype—years ago I found

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Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

Mercury—whether stationary, retrograde and direct—rules Gemini! So, make the most of the current Mercury in Gemini retrograde period lasting until June 11th. Be nimble, be quick, be flexible, check all appointments, schedules, tickets, etc. etc. etc. Misunderstandings are part of the package, so get your info straight, Details matter and