Master the Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo sextiles transiting Jupiter in Gemini and trines transiting Uranus in Aries. The Moon in Leo’s positive aspects to transiting Jupiter and Uranus help finances, kindles friendship and considering the rising tension of the transiting  Sun/Uranus/Pluto  T-square  , generally comes as a refreshing breeze on a hot

Leo Leaders are Self-Confident!

Leo rules entertainment. If you have ever participated in a theatrical production then you know how crazy it can get back stage! No matter! The show must go on! Picture Julie Andrews as Maria in “The Sound of Music” returning to the scene she so tried to avoid, but upon

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Let your light shine! Sounds good, especially as we all experience Leo, the Sun’s own sign! Moreover, its a much quoted Biblical edit! “(Let your Light shine among men” Matthew 5:16) But there is a ‘but,’ a very vital’ but’ at that, a qualification without which you may be susceptible

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Is your significant other a Leo man or are you a Leo man in love?  Fun! Romance abounds! The Leo man just might be the one to keep alive the almost lost art of being a gentleman! But he can only be chivalrous with a lovely lady that allows him

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What can Astrology tell us about the “Dark Knight Massacre?” Does accused killer James Holmes’ chart reveal the profile of an assassin? Leo rules entertainment and Leo rules children. Why were infants and young children in the theatre at midnight watching a violent film?  The Three Magi discuss the matter

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In Leo – Create!

Leo is the Fire Sign of the fixed Love Cross. Even the rarer quieter Leos radiate love. This is why people are so naturally attracted to Leo men and women. Now, Leo is the sign of creative self-expression and Leo is the sign of children. The bringing forth of children

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Are you or is someone you love a Leo? Leo decanates (0-10,11-20 & 21-30 degrees of Leo) differentiate one Lion from another! All born July 23rd to Aug 2nd are double dosed Leos, fiery and strong! Those born Aug 3rd to Aug. 12th are Leo/Sagittarians, their leadership is born of

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How wondrous to look into the eyes of the newborn child! At that magical moment we are reminded of worlds we have forgotten, dimensions of light we have left behind so that we could master our own! Leos always retain something of that innocence; they sparkle with irresistible joy and

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ASTRO-TIP: Lessons in Leo!

From Aug 13th to 22nd, we experience the Aries decanate (10 degrees) of the Leo Sun Sign The potential for Leo vanity and pride increases significantly but so does the capacity for daringly bold and powerful leadership! Napoleon Bonaparte, born Aug. 15, 1769 was born with the Sun at 22

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