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MAR 21-APR 19

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APR 20-MAY 20

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MAY 21-JUNE 21

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Aries Sign March 21 – April 19aries

Aries is a Fire Sign on the Cardinal Power Cross. Aries Sun Sign people get the ball going with a decisive can-do spirit! They are daring, courageous and adventuresome but tend to be impulsive and impatient. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the point of “I am!” The Aries Sun person must choose between a selfish egocentric awareness or strive to put on Higher Consciousness. Headstrong, he learns best by his own experience. Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. Aries Sun Sign people typically wrestle with anger, arrogance and pride! Gaining dominion over fire in the physical body requires patience! When the Sun in Aries person consistently acts rather than react he begins to make true spiritual progress! Aries relates to the head. The chakra he must master most is the heart chakra.

Taurus Sign April 20 - May 20taurus

Taurus in an Earth Sign on the Fixed Love Cross. Taurus’ key phrase is “I have.” Taurus Sun Sign people seek material comfort and security. Patient, deliberate, steady and practical, they also can be stubborn, defiant, materialistic and self-indulgent. They ponder well before settling upon a course of action. They need to guard against procrastination. Once they decide, they are unmovable! Desire is very compelling in Taurus (and polar opposite Scorpio). During certain cycles they accumulate and build and in others they must let go or risk losing all. Ruled by Venus, the planet of Love, they magnetize beauty. When they are greedy, possessive or fearful they are subject to compulsive desire but when they surrender their fears to love, the light of the Kundalini rises to the Third Eye Chakra and they become illumined! Taurus relates to the neck and throat, the thyroid gland and the vocal chords.

Gemini Sign May 21 - June 21gemini

Gemini is an Air Sign on the Mutable/Wisdom Cross. Geminis pick up information and learn quickly but they are very impressionable. Versatile and flexible, they also can be fickle and non-committing. Mercury ruled, Gemini governs whatever helps us get our message across—i.e. early education, writing, communication and transportation. Siblings, cousins, kin in general and/or neighbors often play a pivotal role in the Gemini Sun person’s life. Geminis are challenged to efficiently manage the details of everyday life. Without a practical schedule, they tend to get scattered and feel disconnected. Ultimately, knowledge must be transformed into wisdom. Gemini relates to the Throat Chakra; they have much to share but need to avoid envy and gossip. Gemini governs the hands, the face, the lungs, the respiratory and the nervous systems. Geminis’ spiritual initiation is to seek and know the Higher Way!

Cancer Sign June 22 - July 22cancer

Cancer is a Water Sign on the Cardinal-Power Cross. Cancer sits at the lowest point on the natural chart, the home, the foundation, the roots! Cancer relates to the mother; people with their Sun in Cancer are naturally caring. They nourish, protect and sustain life. If possessive, they must overcome fear of abandonment. Ruled by the Moon, Cancers pick up energy easily and tend to be reactive and moody. When they take things too personally they become defensive and their judgment is skewed. With discipline and good financial habits, this can be an excellent position for wealth! Cancer relates to the Base of the Spine Chakra. Consider these two images; one is a beautiful fountain rising and nourishing all the chakras; the other is a muddy puddle of tears and frustration. Discipline is the key. Diet and exercise make a difference. Cancer relates to the breast/chest and to the stomach. Cancer’s spiritual initiation is to maintain emotional harmony.

Leo Sign July 23 - Aug 22