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Monday, March 9th: Two important astro-events are taking place now—the Virgo SuperMoon (also called Worm Moon, Crow Moon, Crust Moon, Sap Moon and Lenten Moon) and Mercury in Aquarius going retrograde/stationary and direct, that is, Mercury apparently slowing down (stationary) and moving out of the retrograde phase (began February 17th)

Why study Astrology in a world gone mad?

The prophecy of doom (the return of negative karma), and all astrological analysis is prophecy, is meant to fail. Remember that willful prophet Jonah, the one who after spending 3 days within the whale’s belly, accepted his cargo to prophesize to the wayward people of Nineveh that within 40 days

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Wind and Water

2012’s  key Astro-Configuration of Uranus (change and upheaval) square Pluto (eruption) coupled with the ongoing effects of the May 20th Solar Eclipse at 00 degrees Gemini (Wind) tightly square (challenging) transiting Neptune at 3 degrees Pisces (Water) = a series of natural disasters as the Earth releases its built up

Master the Moon in Cancer

Astro-Tip The Sun has entered Cancer and Summer has begun! Cancer is ruled by the Moon; pay attention to feelings, emotions, desires this month.  Lunar transits are quick, the Moon changes Signs every 2 and ½ days. We all feel Cancer’s powerful rays now. Emotional sensitivity is heightened. Cancers are

Master the Moon in Leo

The Moon in Leo sextiles transiting Jupiter in Gemini and trines transiting Uranus in Aries. The Moon in Leo’s positive aspects to transiting Jupiter and Uranus help finances, kindles friendship and considering the rising tension of the transiting  Sun/Uranus/Pluto  T-square  , generally comes as a refreshing breeze on a hot


Astro-Lunar Tip Series Especially during summer’s hot hurricane season, Astrology, rightly interpreted and wisely used, can be an invaluable tool not only in controlling but even moreso, in mastering your emotions. Determine today to put the Moon, with its continual ups and down, under your feet! Governing lunar energies requires

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Astro-Lunar Tip Series Virgo Moons are emotionally tough to weather, they tend to stir up a lot of karma, play upon the nerves and agitate the solar plexus. Diet makes a huge difference; with Venus and so many planets in mutable signs right now, avoid getting too yin!  The Moon

The Sun and the Moon Astro-Lunar Tip Series

Most people know their Sun Signs but fewer know their Moon Signs and even less perceive correctly the relationship between the two! Lunar energies play a tremendous role in close relationships, personal happiness, financial success or failure and in health. We all have weeds in our lunar garden, subconscious momentums,

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The Sun and the Moon

Being grounded is important during cycles when mutable planetary placements add up (Jupiter in Gemini/Mars in Virgo/Solar Eclipse in Gemini/Lunar Eclipse in Sagitttarius). Physically, allergy season outpictures some of the challenges when so much is air borne. The powerful, unpredictable, disruptive Uranus/Pluto configuration is with us all summer, so surfing

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