Whatever needs to get done, just do it!  But for the next two weeks, doing (Mars) may mean waiting (Saturn). Mars imparts impetus for action while stern Saturn acts as a taskmaster insisting all be in place before you proceed, Both Mars and Saturn currently transit through Libra which saves the show if you can stay poised in the heart, ready to leap when the energy shifts, but entertaining too many choices simultaneously increases consternation and indecisiveness. Relationships especially become laboratories for working out this contradictory equation graciously! Balance is the key more now than ever! Be bold but not brash, be patient but speak up purposefully, be resolute but flexible when necessary. Mars/Saturn aspects often appear in the natal charts of military people, heads of companies and anyone whose field of action requires discipline, patience , organization and determination to succeed against all odds! Demanding your way, pushing the limits, well, there are always exceptions, but generally results in beating your head against the wall, experiencing exhaustion and collapsing out of steam! Mars conjoins Saturn all through the rest of August with peak times being Monday the 13th through Sunday, the 19th . To succeed, remember: hurry up and wait!.