Do you remember the I Love Lucy show when Lucy’s friends Fred and Ethel and her husband Ricky challenge her to tell the truth for an entire day? They confidently cast their bet she just won’t be able to do it, not Lucy! By the end of the day, they all regret challenging her as Lucy’s tell-it-like-it-is mouthful of words hits home too closely. Saying what you think, no matter how right you believe yourself to be, without compassion, oblivious to another’s soul is hardly truth at all. But take a moment and ask yourself just how sincere you are with yourself and the people you most love and care for. The dictionary defines sincere as “free from pretense or deceit; proceeding from genuine feelings.” So, here is a Libran exercise for pumping the heart and the Heart Chakra. How else can you know true love? While the Sun is transiting through Libra, be honest with yourself and sincere with others. Your heart will be strengthened, you may begin to know true love, and believe me, you’ll have an easier time of it when the Sun transits into Scorpio.