Gemini Astro-Tip: How much can you juggle?
05 Jun 2013 Comments Off in Astro Tip, Featuredby Kathie Garcia

A friend who described her current state of mind as being “discombobulated” wrote: “I have so much to do and too many thoughts are flying around and I don’t know what to do first.” A steady Taurus, she’s not used to the bombardment of sounds, thoughts, information and endless etcs. so many of us experience during the Gemini Sun cycle. (Gemini Sun types deal with this their entire lives!) With the Sun, Jupiter and Venus and now Mercury all transiting through Gemini a schedule to keep on course is essential but so is the flexibility to adjust to or at least to be non-phased by sudden and unexpected changes, demands or cancellations. Be flexible, keep on course and juggle only as much as you can without losing balance. Has your inner radio become especially noisy lately? Try to keep your mind clear;, singing a song or repeating a mantra helps Be physical, use your hands, ride a bicycle to work if you can and most of all, eliminate all you do not need or cannot manage.