A mythological Phoenix bird burns, rising out from its ashes—rebirth!!


In the last 12 months or so, people often ask me, “When will life be back to normal?” or “When will this all end?” and naturally, “What do you think will happen?” Understandable concerns in light of the times we are experiencing—it’s been a rough ride, for sure, and the challenges keep coming. But let’s take a deeper look. The easiest of these three opening questions to answer is the first one: Going back is simply not an option. This nation is on the verge of rebirth. The birth pangs are uncomfortable, intense, at times painful and almost overwhelming, yet I do believe and indeed, I pray, that America will emerge united, prosperous and victorious.

All occurs against the backdrop of the Age of Aquarius, foretold to be an era of universal love and brotherhood, global freedom and scientific and technological advancement. In truth, people are uniting in this country and worldwide like never before; technology has helped make this happen. And yet we also have experienced an outpouring of hatred, continual and relentless attempts to suppress our freedom and curtail our liberty, along with concentrated efforts to confuse and divide us.

Aquarius’ polar opposite is Leo, the sign of happiness and of the child. We must save the children. In the end, perhaps the children will save us!

What will happen next, is in fact, predictably unpredictable—especially mid-April through mid-July (and then again, toward the end of December and throughout the winter of 2022). During these dates transiting Uranus (change, revolution, breakthroughs; chaos, disruption, natural disasters) at 10 and 11 degrees Taurus conjoins the natal USA Sun  (cast for Apr 30, 1789, the day George Washington was sworn in as the nation’s first president). Expect the unexpected! Fortunately, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius simultaneously activate the two Grand Air Trines in the July 4th, 1776 chart (American ingenuity and inventiveness, the balance struck between freedom of expression and the law); a hopeful and steadying influence and a most positive augury for the nation.

In addition, transiting Neptune in Pisces exactly opposes the US Neptune in Virgo this spring; practice faith coupled with works. I quote from the Timeline, a personal astrological forecast report which I drew up for the July 4th, 1776 chart:“A time of real change when many (are tempted to) give up or accept life on new terms. There is the possibility (however) of taking a more active part (consciously) in life, a sense of sharing the creative force, the experience of becoming one with the creative force, the creator.”

Perhaps the most powerful portend of all is the up and coming United States Pluto Return—a cycle signifying metamorphic-like regeneration.  On February 21st, 2022, Pluto will return to the exact position in the zodiac—27 degrees Capricorn—where it was on July 4th, 1776.  The cycle of this ending, which is at once a new beginning, lasts definitively through January 2023, and most likely through March of that year as well. We are currently in the penumbra of this most transformative event (see chart). Indeed, on March 4th, 2021(the day, by the way, established in the US Constitution as Inauguration Day), transiting Pluto will be at 26 degrees Capricorn (see the chart).

None of us live long enough to experience firsthand a pluto return like that we are about to experience in our nation’s history —the cycle simply takes too long, around 246 to 248 years. But many have known the intensity of Pluto’s transit over their natal Sun and/or Ascendant.

During plutonian cycles— whether planetary (2020), national (now throughout 2022) or personal—transformation occurs from a confrontation between light (spiritual fire) and darkness (the shadow self, the opposition to the light). Pluto cycles are intense and purgative; they are often characterized by the transformation that takes place as the phoenix bird rises from the ashes of its former (Scorpion) self. Fire (transmutation) is the agent of purgative change. Endings are par for the course—final endings do sometimes occur, even death (itself an ending and a beginning) but more often than not we witness major regeneration leading to new directions and possibilities, like coming into greater vigor, strength and longevity once a toxic tumor is totally removed and the body healed from the surgery itself

As Pluto (total transformation through regeneration) returns to 27 degrees Capricorn (power, government) in the July 4th, 1776 chart’s second house (related to the economy, shared values, national currency, the ability to earn income, wealth and financial institutions ), the possibilities are awesome—or dire—meanwhile, we’ve work to do!

With due respect and reverence for the hand that guides and shapes our destiny, and in humble recognition that karma must be balanced (pray!), I do believe that how 2021 plays out depends greatly upon you and upon me—your choices, my choices, our choices together. Union is the key. Let us be united, then, through our common love and heritage of liberty—and for all the world’s children.

**originally published in “Natural Life News & Directory” March and April edition