So what is a SuperMoon anyhow? Astrologer Richard Nolle coined the termed in 1979 to describe the Full Moon at perigee, within 10% of its closest distance to the earth in its orbit. And interestingly, Nolle doesn’t consider today’s Full Moon a SuperMoon; the only real Supermoons this year occur on March 9th and April 9th. No matter, today’s Full Moon in Leo gets close, appears large and those of any soul sensitivity will feel its affects. Astro*Tip: No complaining, blaming, shaming. Sing praises top God, to Life, to Love, to Opportunity—however you connect with greater spiritual fountain of inexhaustible love and light! Sound esoteric (I’ve been accused of that), try seeing and exclaiming, I AM GRATEFUL for ….and feel you spirit soar! It’s the fuel of pure joy! Leo is the anchor which brings down the Aquarian Age of Love, Freedom and Universal Freedom.

True, we’ve witnessed in the news (and it goes on) the loudness of those whose agenda and raison d’être is spewing hatred. How to counterattack? More love, unity in joy and as advised the great Master Jesus 2000 years ago, greater astuteness and wisdom!

Today, and for the next two weeks at very least (the time of the Full Moon’s effect) I, for one, will seek to be more loving, sensitive, grateful, joyous, happy! How about it? By the way, Leo relates to children. Love them, nourish them, celebrate them, beginning with your own inner child, creative spirit! Happy almost SuperMoon friends!