The Hero’s Journey through the Zodiac: The Sun Signs: Transformational Astrology

The Hero’s Journey through the Zodiac: The Sun Signs
Transformational Astrology

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Kathie Garcia is a professional astrologer with over 25 years in the field. She has conducted workshops throughout the US and Mexico. She founded and run The Three Maji Complete Astrologlical Services. Kathie pioneered her unique approach to self guidance and self-realization as Transformational AstrologyTM, featured in this book. Living in Paradise Valley, Montana, she currently divides her time between writing, counseling, teaching, community service, and family.

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The Hero’s Journey Through the Zodiac

Kathie Garcia

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This book crosses all barriers. No matter who you are it will spark a new awareness in you, something so profound about your soul, that you will walk away with a deeper understanding of life than you had before you picked it up.
— Karen Drye, professional astrologer

Parents, guardians, and educators who read this rewarding book will gain great insight into the true nature and life’s purpose of the young ones they love and care for—their strengths, their challenges, and their true potential.
— Randall Klein, Asst. Director of Training at Age of Montessori School
The Hero’s Journey through the Zodiac, is none other than the journey to the Self—a journey of courage to overcome the obstacles that life presents. Having a guide to interpret the signs of the stars along the way, beginning with your all-important Sun Signs, is an immeasurable gift for the seeker and is infused with allegorical tales, mythological stories, and humorous anecdotes, which help to inspire new cosmic vision and dispel the thick veils of illusion.
— Mark Johnston, M.A., young mystic
This book is so simple and clear that a non-astrologer can benefit from it, but even the most seasoned astrologer will find new concepts and interesting historical, mythological, literary, and socio-political ideas that illuminate each sign. I highly recommend it.
— David Cochrane, founder of Cosmic Patterns Software
Kathie García delivers! The Hero’s Journey through the Zodiac will reveal positive qualities you never knew you had, and inspire you to make the most of the beautiful journey you are on.
— Gregory Bodwell, Ph.D., Esq.
As an astrology student of some 46 years, Kathie Garcia’s first book is the best-written, most interesting and entertaining astrology book I’ve ever read!
– Marshall Halley

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